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Date Posted:26-11-2022 08:18 AMCopy HTML

Outdated, Corrupt Secret Societies, Organizations Is The Main Reason Lead To World Chaos

The truth is all the world chaos nowadays is because of outdated, corrupt secret societies, organizations on Earth.

They are the one with big ego and with a animal mindset of a monkey at best, not yet reach human level.

That’s why you see world chaos with fake event like the virus pandemic, physical weapon wars in many nations.

Instead of living with common sense, instead of spending their big money, wealth to seek new ideas, solutions, knowledge wisdom to either help the society or help them evolve, all what they have done so far is bringing chaos and kill other people.

There are a lot of hidden talent people can help the society but not yet appear due to this corrupt society are too much because they knew that their new ideas, their voices will be “censored” and “deleted” because the top secret societies with animals mindset prefer “control, enslave” others than admit their big mistakes !

They are not only killing people and destroying the society but also are killing themselves at the same time.

Frankly, many of them are treating people like animals, but sadly they are just at a monkey level at best but are assuming like human.

You need to understand most of the secret societies, organizations are outdated because many of them are still using old outdated information that exist before the appear of technology.

They get “promoted” and “respected” only because of their “big memory” not because of their creative or any other talent.

And with the appear of technology computer machine, all of their “memory” are being useless, but they are still trying to “control” the society. But they are falling because the way of God are too much too handled.

It is just matter of time before all the corrupt secret societies, organizations will vanish and disappear because their structure are designed for animals, not human God !

I highly recommend you get rid of them as soon as possible, not only to save the society but also save yourself.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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