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Date Posted:28-10-2022 06:36 AMCopy HTML

Practicing Ritual, Studying Occult Are Waste Of Time, Wrong Direction In Ascension Journey

If you want to evolve, to self master your own physical body form, then you must stop practicing ritual or studying occult because they are the trap of life.

Because all the rituals, magic, occult are the “external power”, and it only have temporary effect in short amount of time and won’t last forever.

While if you want to self master your body or truly evolve, then you must gain the “internal power” by increasing the power of your physical brain and mindset in general.

Just like when you want to increase the speed of a car or the speed of computer, there are two way:
– Upgrading the road way to (car) ; overclock technique with a lot of air, water (computer).
– Increasing the core power machine of the car, computer.

If you increase the core power machine then it will stay forever.
But if you only try to improve the road or using overclock technique then at some time in the future, it will wear off (either run out of air/water or road).
And you cannot add more air, water or able to upgrade all the road way in life.

That’s the easy example I can give you about external power vs internal power.

The reason ritual, occult are popular and most of you are doing is because you can “verify” instantly, most of mortal humans want something with physical eyes seen to believe in.

While self master own physical body is much more difficult because there is next to zero guide, tutorial in the public for you do follow and study (as of now).

That is the reason I have put 2 great books about how to self learning, self control, self master your own physical body few days ago. But whether you can believe in or not is another question.

The karma requirement are not much and most people who are chasing for sacred knowledge wisdom about humans should be afford. But the offer and opportunity have limited time, so you must be quick !

I highly recommend you guys stop doing ritual, occult and instead give your mind some time off then trying to self learning, self mastering your own body.

Best Regard,

The Savior

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