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Date Posted:23-11-2022 09:29 AMCopy HTML

QAnon Group Does Not Know How To Win, They Don’t Really Help The People But Like Want Control Them

It is very difficult to “judge” others because lack of important information.

What QAnon group have been doing last few years are only them either:
1. Do not know how to win the game of life over their enemies (if have)
2. Trying to control, enslave others.

The reasons is all they have been doing so far is trying to “implant/insert” some history to the mass people, it really does not educate others at all.

It could be either they do it on purpose to control/enslave others or their ability is limited (don’t know how to “train” others).

If I was the leader of Qanon group, what I would do is help the followers “cultivate, training” personal individual power, thus the overall team level will be raising at the same time.

Even though there are some certain “limit” level of intelligence/knowledge is allowed to shared to the public people but there are still enough information to help people.

Some examples such as: suggest/recommend people read this book or that article.

Because the “enemy” was and are “fed” the energy or “empower” because the public people are yet not fully awake, fully able to control their own human body, their own destiny.

So the winning goal or winning condition is very simple: wake up and give the correct guide to the sleepy people so they can learn, they can self study, self control their own life !

I have several undisclosed ebooks that can educate people, teach people about life and how they can self study, self control their own destiny.
But I am not going to publish it for free but prefer some kind of karma exchange.

Frankly I don’t want to sell it either because all I need is solve my family issue, I don’t really want to hold money much money either.

If Qanon group or any beings/entities or the US military want me to reveal it, they can make a big donations to me before the end of November 2022 so I can have reason and motivation to publish several ebooks that will be good enough to win the game of life.

If Qanon group or the US military want to work with me, they can contact me as soon as possible before December 1st 2022.

The real game of life is very simple but no one would believe in it, how crazy stupid is ?!

Best Regard,
The Savior

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