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Date Posted:01-11-2022 07:35 AMCopy HTML

Russia, OPEC Must Have A New Additional Oil Gas Selling Method To Accept All Currencies

The solution to end oil gas war between the royal families vs opponent, between East vs West, between all groups are very simple: a new additional oil gas selling method to accept all national currencies.

The Russia or OPEC can do it alone.

The traditional way is what all nations are using “free market” which using US Dollar, Euro for almost all transaction involve in oil, gas.

You can have a new selling method to accept all national currencies around the world such as India Rupee, Japan Yen, Canada Dollar, British Pound, Chinese Yuan, etc.

I called it as the “modern way” or the “equal fair currency way”.

The mechanism of the new “equal fair currency way”:
– The Russia and/or OPEC will issue the “currency choice token/point” to the people in the society for free but in elegant smart way.

– The “currency choice token/point” will be either fixed or flexible like 100 point = 1 oil barrel or 100 point = 5 oil barrel, etc. should be flexible.

– People who have the “currency choice token/point” will allow to buy oil, gas with any currency they want but the fixed price will be set by the Russia and/or OPEC, and only apply for new currencies, not apply for major currencies using in traditional way (now is the US Dollar, Euro).

When 1 oil barrel = 100 US Dollar (traditional free market).
You can set price in other currencies (for new equal fair way market) such as:
1 oil barrel = 6000 Indian Rupee.
1 oil barrel = 1000 Chinese Yuan.


The current exchange rate of 1 dollar = 82 India Rupee = 7.2 Chinese Yuan

Which mean if using normal market then the cost 1 barrel oil should be = 8200 India Rupee = 720 Chinese Yuan.

But in the new selling method “modern way”: people who pay with the India Rupee will pay more, while people using Chinese Yuan will pay less than in the traditional way market.

But you need to remember that the new modern way is: fiat money + currency choice token/point.
While in the traditional way all you need is currency fiat money.

Welcome to the new financial economy game !

The currency choice token/point cannot be official sold, but must given free to the society through competition in order to make the new modern way, “equal fair currency way” work !

Here I am talking from the stand point of the authority, national government.
Whatever public people buy/sell the new “currency choice point/token” for each others with whatever rate does not matter because:
+ You can change the “rate” of the “currency choice point/token” for oil, gas at any time.
+ You can limit the oil gas production in both selling method.

So even if the public people want to “gambling” or to do with the new “currency choice point/token” does not matter at all !

With the new additional selling method, the Russia and/or OPEC can raise oil, gas production, but with new set of rule like:
– Traditional way: 50% 20 million oil barrel per day.
– New modern way: 50% 20 million oil barrel per day.

The number can be change in flexible way.

So in theory, the Russia + OPEC can raise the oil gas production to unlimited per day and accept US Dollar, Euro only but only if the “buyers” have US Dollar, Euro.

But let be frankly, no any stupid nation using US Dollar, Euro while they can using their local national currencies.

About new currency choice/token number, quantity?
Well it is up to the Royal families team in general.
But must be in fair competition way and treat all people from all nation are equal.

The detail about obtaining rule, using, notes design, etc. is not a big deal, can easily do.

Can the US Dollar, Euro owner/producer/controller do anything?
Absolutely not because the new additional selling way does not take over their financial control button !
But all the people and all nations will love it.

Want to reduce CO2 production in each nation via oil gas using limitation?
All you need is raise the “rate” and “price” of the new currency choice token/point vs each national currencies !

1 arrow 2 target: economy + environment !

Welcome to the new world economic financial battle !
Welcome to new era on Earth !

Feel free to debate, talk about this new theory.
Feel free to make a big donation for this solution and out of this world idea.

Above is just a quick framework and idea, the full details will be shared only when people desire.

Not only oil, gas but other popular natural resources market such as gold, silver, copper, etc. can use this new selling method too.
So the West can control the world financial system while the East will control the currency+ system.

This idea, this solution deserve a NOBEL reward in many category such as economic, world peace, environment, innovation, etc.

Don’t forget to obtain the using permission from me the author !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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