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Date Posted:04-04-2023 04:51 AMCopy HTML

Special Limited Time Courses: How To Make Human God Again With Ultimate Guide

The truth is that human have God power and many hidden ability, power such as telepathy, fly, speak with any kind of plants, animals without any language barrier, etc.

I have read many manga, anime and using my own personal thinking with all other modern tools to understand, unlock the truth of those human super power.

But many of people may not yet truly know those secret.

So before going farewell and live my own life, I am offering a special limited time courses to all of you in this society: “How To Make Human God Again With Ultimate Guide”.

What is this courses about?
– This course will give you real information about real Human God, how to unlock human super power/ability, how to cultivate in a correct way, life on Earth and the Universe.

– You will also able to ask me any question related to anything in life, including some manga/novel question about any characters.

The cost, requirement of this courses?
– This courses open for all beings no matter you are mortal humans or super gods/deities or any kind of beings. Whether through “middle man” or not, it must be declared at first so I can decide whether accept it or not.

– The cost will based on each customer via negotiation because I do not know how much I should charge. The customer must give me the price he/she willing to pay/donate.

I will only accept and start teaching “customer” if they satisfy both of above conditions.

The length of this courses is from minimum 30 days to 360 days (depend on the agreement).

I can teach via both online digital platform or real physical in person meeting.

This offer and opportunity will only last for 14 days from now till April 18th 2023.

You are free to share this message, offer to any beings/entities you want.

So I have given all the possible gift and offer to all kind of group from top referee to mortal humans. I cannot give out free information without listener so I can only give you this offer.

Now it is all up to you.

So I can go out without any regret.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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