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Date Posted:23-11-2022 06:19 AMCopy HTML

The COVID Pandemic Would End Instantly If All Nations Remove Corrupt Vietnam Politicians

The virus COVID pandemic would not even exist if not because of black magic & mind manipulation abuse in Vietnam and China.

The truth is that the energy field nearby me the real savior Messiah is not good enough to help this entire world all because of black magic, dark ritual & mind manipulation in Vietnam regime.
If it was just a small number of people using then it not a big problem.
But when almost all Vietnamese politicians and big celebrities, public figure are using and abusing it, then it is a very big problem.

Do you know how Vietnamese Woman football team get ticket in FIFA World Cup 2023 ?
It is because of “COVID” cheating in the qualification stages in India.
If not have that COVID cheating then there is no way for Vietnamese Woman football team qualify !

Do you know why the Argentina lost shocked to Saudi Arabia 1-2 yesterday in FIFA World Cup 2022 ?
The odds for Saudi Arabia win over Argentina is next to 0.
Because a corrupt entity/group did plan to give a Vietnamese football player to handle the “man of the match” trophy to Leo Messi. But since I have finally find out their corrupt action, thus the eternal GOD did “interfere” and change the final outcome of the match.

You need to understand that corrupt Vietnamese politicians have did nothing to help the Vietnamese people, it is all because of secret help from high level beings behind the scene (here are the beings with super power super ability but they only act but do not talk).
So do not give them any credit, do not listen to them, do not follow any of those orders.

Even me the Messiah who is living in Vietnam is sick of the corrupt regime.

If you want world peace, if you want the COVID pandemic end instantly, all you need to do is destroy all the Vietnamese corrupt politicians both public and in private (here is not about money matter but the unseen spiritual energy field).

Vietnamese people just like Chinese people have nothing in common with the corrupt communist party.
If it just only about money, wealth then there is nothing to fear, but when it come to mind manipulation and spiritual energy field cheating then it is the biggest issue of life because most the “victims” do not know that hidden knowledge.

Even now, as much as I want to save the world and help the people, it is impossible for me to do when the spiritual energy fields around me are too dark, too corrupt, just don’t feel it because I cannot let my family members down, I cannot save the long distance people while destroy the close nearby people.

So I am calling all people in all nations join force together and destroy the corrupt Vietnamese politicians/entities who are cheating the people and deceiving the entire world as soon as possible !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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