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Date Posted:03-11-2022 02:37 PMCopy HTML

The Correct Public Strategy Solutions For The Climate Change Problem

The climate change is real, but only few people truly care, I would say less than 0.1% people in this civilization try to solve the problem and even less than 1 in millions people do the “right” things to truly prevent hash weather.

The ice melting and sea rising every year is real.
I am not going to debate whether is because of CO2 or because of the crowd population here because it are pointless.

The only thing I believe is because of artificial chemicals that cause the climate change and sea level rising.

If the sea level slowly rising every year, then it is “easy” for people to move to other places.
But the real and most dangerous things is the “sudden hash weather” such as rain 3 days 3 nights, storm, etc. which caused by super gods super beings, thus there is absolutely nothing mortal humans can do.

I have seen a lot of stupid promise and ideas about climate change in all nations and at all international organizations. It cannot solve the root problem of climate change.

There are only 2 correct public strategy that can truly work and have huge impact:
1. Via contest, competition with big reward to get attention from the people.
2. Correct education, information via book, video, music, movies, app, games, etc.

I have a lot of great books with my unlimited ideas in my mind that educate people about climate change but also make people become better person at the same times.

But which entity I am going to talk, to work with? And will I receive any reward in return for my work?

The truth is I am not get paid from any entities, thus I have no true reason to solve or do anything about climate change subject in this world.

Above are great public strategy that only works.
Don’t waste time waste money on many stupid projects world wide that does not work since it just from low level people who do not have any clue what they are going to do !

Objective, target are important if you want to truly become the winner !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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