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Date Posted:25-10-2022 03:53 AMCopy HTML

The Easiest Way To Understand Spirituality, Energy, Life Is Learn Technology Science

Life is very simple and easy to understand.
But humans make it hard for themselves.

If you truly want to know everything about spirituality, energy, life, then all you need to do is learn technology science.

If you can using technology to “manipulate, deceive” others, so as the spirituality.

Each individual person are act like a separate machine such as personal desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet.

Not all the machine are the same, some are “stronger, faster” than others.
So as each human beings, some are smarter than others.

If you have super quantum computer, then you also have super human as well.

Then when people connect with each other via cyber internet.
The low level people be manipulated, deceived by others, while the smart people will can self protect themselves.

If you want to know which machine is stronger, faster than other, can you using picture, video?
Of course not !
The only way to find out what computer faster than other is via competing with each other, there is absolutely no any option left.

So as in real life, the only way to know who is real super human, who have higher level than other is via competition.
All kind of fear talk, illusion image videos, even with unseen ghost, swords, power showing etc. are not the correct method !

The difference between real human vs computer machine is that machine cannot evolve but human can.
Everybody can become super quantum computer via training, practicing.

Only via real life competition you will know what is real and what is fake !
All kind of theory, illusion images, video, power showing are all wrong !

You must remember that eternal rule of life!

Best Regard,
The Savior

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