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Date Posted:10-11-2022 06:52 AMCopy HTML

The Economy Nuclear Option Is Treat Each Nation Like A Separate Different Planet

If you want to find out the best fair possible solution for the international economic trade war between nations, then all you need to do is treat each every single nation like a separate different planet at first, then trying to find out the common ground.

You can spend endless money, wealth, resources and even create big public bounty reward for just one single question: “What currency planet Earth should be used or how can Earth people do trade in the future if economy trading with beings from other planets occur?”

Will planet Earth ready or stupid enough to accept Mars’s currency or Jupiter’s money or the way around in economic trading?

As a real leader, there is no way I would accept that stupid trading rule !

That’s exactly the thought of many other nations who are forced to accept the US Dollar or Euro in almost all kind of world level economic trading.

So what is the option, what is the solution now?
Because there is no way for any planet(nation) accept other planet(nation)’s currency, so it is either:
1. No trade.
2. Trade but goods for goods (without any currency, money).
3. Trade but the currency, money must be the international level where all parties agreed.

Then whatever kind or form of that new international currency/money is belongs to another task.

So in short, the great economy solution now is having 2 separate system: domestic financial system vs international financial system.
– The domestic currency is money within each nation only.
– The international currency is the new money that belong to all nations and are free to gab/take.
The final agreement is depend on the leaders, authority from all different nations that want to have a fair international trade.

Unless leaders, nations agree with above theory, then many options about new international currency will be represented from many people.

Here is just raw solution about economy, do not involve in any other subject such as climate change or society development or human evolution.

That is the very simple easy explanation of the global economic trade war.
All you need to know about the current international conflict is just 1 single question of: how planet Earth can trade with other planet ?!

Well, sound fun, sound simple ?!

Just think big like that, do not think small !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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