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Date Posted:25-10-2022 02:19 AMCopy HTML

The Eternal Law, Type Of Karma, Energy In Life

The eternal law of life is always unchanged and apply to all beings, no matter who they are.
But very little people know and fully understand it.
So today I will reveal some hidden secret knowledge about karma, energy in life.

There are 2 types of karma: positive and negative or you can say “good” karma and “bad” karma.

You can gain karma via your action, but the type of karma have no rules.
Which mean, you can gain “good” or “bad” karma for you act.

The factor to decide the type “good” or “bad” karma is up onto the “sender” and the “receiver”.

Example: a same action of giving money to the poor, some people will receive “good” positive karma, some will receive “bad” negative karma.

All kind of actions are always require and contain both type of energy: dark and light.
So when you interact with others in any methods such as talking, trading, touching, etc. both type of dark energy and light energy are involved in that process.

The only way to avoid receiving “bad” energy or know which action you should take is using money as the neutral physical point.
If in the ancient time people using gold, silver, then in the modern day people using fiat money paper.
Both are equal.

Here I am talking about divine eternal law of life, not the man made law by the authority.
So if you want to give other any high value item or information, instead of giving them for free, it is much better if you charge small amount of money/wealth which they can afford.

Example: a item or information cost 100 dollar, but if you want to give to any people you can charge them 1 dollar.
Although 1 dollar and 0 dollar are nearly the same. But if you want to avoid “negative” energy or “bad” karma then it is safe way to using a neutral item like 1 dollar.
The drawback is that you do gain any “good” karma if you charge people money though.

The “karma” is for luck, to extend your longevity and able to get notice from higher level beings, thus will increase your chance to understand the secret of life.

In ancient time, Gautama Buddha did using karma as a metric factor to decide who he will accept to join his team then teach them some hidden secret sacred teaching knowledge wisdom.
He did not accept anybody to increase the “quantity”.

Back in modern day, I as the legendary Savior as much as I want to help you guys to become God, but I just cannot choose anybody to give out knowledge wisdom for free. Because I can only choose people who have enough merit karma energy.
So you guys stop dreaming and waiting for the Messiah appear and giving out everything for free like Jesus or something like that, it just does not happen.
You guys better read the story of Gautama Buddha again.

Can I give all of the eternal knowledge wisdom to the online internet public for free?
Yes if I do not care about my relative family member.
No if I care about my family members.

And the only thing make me different from other super deities Gods is also the family member.
All the high level beings or super gods, deities don’t have family member thus they have zero motivation to help the people.

I am fine, I can receive any kind of bad negative karma because I can “convert” them into neutral karma, but my relative family members are not because they do not yet evolve, they are still mortal humans.

And you need to understand that almost all mortal humans only believe in either “money” or real super power super ability.
So even if I share eternal knowledge wisdom of life to them, they only laugh and do not believe in.

I can active super power super ability to help them, but the drawback is that I will no longer have motivation to help the rest of the society, thus you guys will only receive suffering due to lack of real knowledge wisdom of life.

You guys can use money, wealth to trade with me for the eternal knowledge wisdom of human body, life.
Thus I will able solve my family member issue and you will receive the information you guys are seeking looking for. Both will be happy.

The eternal law of karma, energy are the real in life.
You must know that basic rule if want to understand the secret of life or just want to become better person.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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