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Date Posted:01-11-2022 03:38 AMCopy HTML

The False Prophets At The End Time Was Are Promoting War, Fear, Chaos

Since ancient time till modern day, there are a lot of prophets.

The truth is that all the false prophets, especially during the end time are the one who are promoting war, fear, chaos, instead of the correct methods: knowledge, wisdom, education.

All kind of current on-going war on the society such as the virus pandemic, Russia Ukraine war, global currency war, etc. are just waste of time, and should not happen at all !

People are all connecting with each other via words and money.
So the correct method so solve all of society problems is using communication, talk, to understand each other, using money to get attention from smart talent people and buy new unique ideas.

All the world leaders both in the public and private better stop war and using common sense, correct methods to solve the problems instead.

You need to remember is that human have mindset and ability to self control, unlike most of the animal only live with actions.

So do not fall for all prophecy or any false prophet who are promoting war, fear, chaos.

You must live like human, you must using brain to think.
You must use money, wealth to solve to buy new ideas, potential solution.
You must communicate, talk, see, connect with others !

That is the natural way of living.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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