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Date Posted:27-10-2022 01:06 PMCopy HTML

The Fastest Solution To End Global Currency War Is All Nations Reduce Minimum Wage To 0

The global currency war between many nations is all about job.
Because the ultimate goal of “controlling” or ability to print endless money is to create more business.

But the root problem and the main issue related to jobs in almost all nations is the minimum wage rule.

If the minimum wage of your nation is 0, then you don’t need to care about the currency exchange rate anymore since people will be freely to start any business without need to care much about the cost.

And the market will reflect it.

If using human development as a metric then the minimum wage 0 is the best !

If all nations have minimum wage equal 0, then all the necessary daily life items such as foods, clothes, etc. will be produced within that nation due to the transportation, tariff, tax cost.

But then you won’t have any clear “winner” or “loser” nation, thus all nations will now must focus on quality than quantity, focus on new creative than replicate products.

Is that theory true or false?
Must be true.

So why don’t all nations stop useless war, come together and make a deal to end the global currency conflict ?!

It is very easy to do so.
You cannot reduce minimum wage from 10 per hour to 0 in all area of any nation instantly.

But you can easily do it with a small area or low population such as 1/5 to 1/10 of total land size or total population of that nation overnight.

You can use a reason like economic inflation solution testing/experiment.
If you can have a group of nations come together then the people will accept that fact more.

And because of a experiment then only few areas will affect and will random change every 1 to few years depend on each national government.

With just 1/10 of total land size and/or population in any nation, then it is more than enough to have all kind of factory to produce enough products for the entire nation !

Above solution is the easiest fastest way to not only end the stupid global trade war between nations but also is a great help for human development evolution in general.

Maybe this is the close information you can understand from me.

Alternative to the COVID lock down or vaccine?
Then this is the way !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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