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Date Posted:19-11-2022 01:49 AMCopy HTML

The Global Currency Evolution Should Begin In The United Kingdom

It is time for a big change in the world economy financial system.

The new 100% physical local currency fiat money is the way to go but how to start?

If you need a nation to kick off or for “experiment testing”, then that nation should be the United Kingdom for many reasons.

United Kingdom is a big island make up of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.
They are already have “public conflict” especially in the politics.

In football, they are all 4 different separate teams but in the Olympic they are fight under one flag of United Kingdom, very rare and unique in the world, I don’t know any other nations allow that.

In theory, the global currency evolution could kick off in any nations like USA, China, Russia, India but they are all big nations with huge influence in the world and not easy to implementing due to the big conflicts in the administrators.

But in reality, who have big “guns” to make that kind of big move, big changes.
Thus the need for a nation to “experiment”, but that nations must be “good” enough.

And with all the on going problems in the United Kingdom then they are the most suitable one at this present moment.

World financial capital should begin the global currency evolution, is that make sense?

How should they implementing the new 100% physical currency is up to them and up to each local government.

I don’t get paid so I don’t want to go to that deep subject since it is pointless to talk.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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