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Date Posted:05-11-2022 10:52 AMCopy HTML

The Hard Truth Of Life On Earth, The Universe, Super Deities, Eternal God

The truth will set you free, only if you are willing to accept, willing to learn new knowledge.
But most people just cannot do it, they just cannot forget old habit, old way of living, old way of thinking.

Since ancient times till modern today world, there are many famous beings who have teach and share a lot about life on Earth and the Universe, not very little people can learn and understand since most of them are heavily code message and the more time pass, the less people can understand.

Now I will quick give you few of my knowledge, opinion based on my own personal experience and combine with many old teaching books since ancient time.

What is the Eternal God?
It is not any beings but rather than a source of all creations, all life forms that no beings can see or hear but only able to “feel”.

Purpose of living on Earth?
To study, to learn how to master body, mind & spirit at once. Thus will able to know, self understanding meaning of life and God.

It is easy to learn about physical body, but the “subject” of mind & spirit are very difficult and just cannot “copy, remember”.

Life on Earth are tough?
Well, the hard truth of life on Earth are the battle between humans for survival since ancient times.
So you are just a student in this brutal Earth school !

How about the super Deities?
Well, you can treat them as a “student” like yours but they have much more experience than you.
Similar to old player vs new player in any video game.

Do not expect them come out to help you if they don’t have any specific interested in.
That is basic law of karma, law of energy in life.

People destiny, fate
The fact is that all people have some kind of ‘age destiny” where they will die at some time in the future, only the one who able to master body, mind, spirit able to survive out of that fate.

I can reveal with you that you must be alone, and do not have any relation with any group, team or have any contracts with any entities in order to truly learn about what is truly body, mind & spirit.

There is no way for any boss or any leader to able escape the fate of “vanish, die” because when you are in any team or any group which mean you are “fear” of something, when you do not truly believe in yourself.

Do not expect any savior or the messiah come out of nowhere and give you free lunch, free help because that is not how life work. Whoever still have that old thinking are in trapped system of robot.

How about the Universe?
The Universe are combine of unlimited worlds, and the Earth World you know is just a tiny one of that.
Just like a drop of water in the big ocean.

There are many different ways to connect with other worlds in the Universe.

What is the best way/method to master body, mind & spirit?
The answer is you must live like a normal people, using any tool you have in order to obtain any potential important knowledge wisdom of life.

Do not expect any super beings come out of nowhere and give you free guide. Just like the rich do not waste time to giveaway free foods, free money to the poor because there are too much, but they may give free things to people who have gut to contact and ask them directly.

But you should spend all the illusion money, gold, wealth you have to buy any potential sacred information related to the subject of mastering body, mind, spirit from all kind of beings on Earth.

The more unique of any beings, the higher chance they are real deal.

It is super rare for you to meet people who talk about the subject of mastering body, mind & spirit or obtain Nirvana status.

Again, most people laugh and do not understand me because I am so unique, so rare that nobody believe in, their mindset do not truly work since they only want to “copy, remember” any celebrities/super deities.

Time will come when I will completely offline, say no to all of you and you won’t able to ask, to learn, or unable to buy any sacred information about the subject of mastering body, mind & spirit or how to obtain Nirvana status in life.

I have a lot of new unique, sacred information, knowledge wisdom can share to this world, but without motivation and desire, there is no reason to do it for this civilization, just like there are many high level beings who are living in the jungle, mountain don’t want to prevent war between nations.

Life is always a 2 way street.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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