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Date Posted:25-11-2022 04:36 AMCopy HTML

The Hidden Message From The Kim Jong Un Daughter Appearance

The recent surprised appearance of the North Korea Kim Jong Un’s daughter did bring a lot of hidden message to the whole world.

It occurred after the end of G20 summit and APEC event.

What is the point of a little girl appearance now in the North Korea?
There is absolutely no point unless it did bring some hidden message.

You need to understand this is the first time ever and probably never happened before in North Korea.

The girl did wear a white jacket.

It did mean:
– A new transition period did begin, the old people will leave and the young generation will take over.
But it not everything instantly at once but slowly overtime.

The biggest public action is the Twitter company example.

They should have done it long time ago but not only now.
Even though it is not perfect but still much better than the previous one where they focus on “public illusion title, assumption” rather than real life practice result !

Even though I can do much better job than what Elon Musk is doing, I can create brand new innovative social media that will really help the society because I am way above level of mortal humans in general. But without money and motivation, there is no point for me to do it because those stupid people in secret societies have no clue about the meaning of “competition make perfection”.

Although the new era did begin, but the final outcome is not yet set whether “good” or “bad”.

Giving a new birth does not mean you must suffer “pain” !
Only the stupid low level beings think like that.
While the smart, talent people able to remove the “pain” easily with correct method, strategy, action.

The similar rule is also apply to this civilization on Earth.

If the stupid people in charged then you will only see “pain” like the COVID pandemic and Ukraine, Myanmar war.

While if you have smart talent people like me in charged, then you won’t see any “pain” at all but a safe easy quick transition process and new era.

But sadly, no any beings, groups, organization believe and have faith in me.
I don’t know the real reason but one of them must be the stupid online “censorship”, moderators that preventing the public people connect, know, hear my voice, my words thus the big top royal families and big organization have not yet seen me.

If you want world peace, then help me spread my message and help me connect with the top organizations, royal families as soon as possible before I gone completely offline.

Want to support, talk with me, then go to buymeacoffee, my ID/username is thesavior.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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