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Date Posted:01-04-2023 01:41 PMCopy HTML

The Highest Level Form Of Democracy Is Allow All Citizens Issue Any Currency They Want

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If you ask me what is the next stage of society evolution in this civilization, then my answer is the next level of democracy level.

Since ancient times till modern day, you already have many different type of government level from absolutely monarch of King Queen to dictator to voting rights.

But one thing still remain is whoever have more “power, strength” or better military forces is the one is truly control the monetary financial currency system.

That old outdated rules must change for the better of the civilization because weapon forces or power cannot encourage people be more creative, cannot create more business but the truth is many public normal people was and are hating it.

The current world monetary financial system still under control of the “military” industry or entities who have certain super abilities/power above normal public people.

The truth is there is no real democracy in most nations in this civilization, just look at the fake pandemic and chaos in Europe for examples.

The next evolution in this civilization must be normal people will receive the “rights” to print/issue any currency they want without any restriction from the government.
Some of you may disagree with that idea but many of you will like that idea.

Because at the end of the day, the entities who truly have power to “print/issue” currency must be the one who can create jobs, not the one who only create fear.

The ideal system will be both type of currency will coexist in harmony: one created by the intelligence group and one created by the strength power group.

In the book “The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love”, I have shared both those type of currency but just in another different name.

If you are the one look want more democracy then instead of blaming talk on others, you must better create a new project with objective is allow every people, every company able to issue their own currency.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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