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Date Posted:25-10-2022 05:59 AMCopy HTML

The Messiah Want The United Kingdom Pick Jeremy Hunt Or Boris Johnson As New Prime Minister

What the hex the United Kingdom are doing?
They are picking the wrong direction.

They just cannot choose an Indian banker as their new Prime Minister !
It only tell the entire world that: money is everything in life.

Why don’t you just have a real public contest of money in exchange for government job and here is the top Prime Minister already ?!

You need to understand and remember that the United Kingdom is not the United States.
The UK is an original nation, not an immigrant nation.

It is just does not right.

The United Kingdom have few options now:
– Pick Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson as their new Prime Minister.

– Hold a new general election with completely new format where all British citizen will be equal, not any political party.
– You can event allowed all citizen from around the world who have lived in the UK for certain period of time allow to become new Prime Minister
– Change the entire country government structure and break up: England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland.

If it is not about the financial matter or about spirituality, then you better come and seek direct help and support from me the real Messiah.
I don’t think it is about the financial matter either.

Even if the problem about people management then with my real life experience of living in London, UK, then I can easily have creative policies to help the United Kingdom solve their problem.
They better come and ask me directly instead !

You need to remember that money is not everything in life, or at highest level money is just illusion tool for human study.

The royal family better step up and stop that Indian banker become new UK’s Prime Minister.
I the Messiah don’t like it because that is just not right.
It is not democracy, it is not how a national government should be elected.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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