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Date Posted:27-10-2022 02:42 AMCopy HTML

The Messiah Want To Make A New Religion To Educate People How To Live In Modern Day

Knowledge is the only real power of life.

In the ancient times, when people get lost and do not know what to do, the Gods, deities come to help with some basic teaching in form of religion.

Now in the modern day, I see people also get lost and billions people do not know what to do in their life. They are need some kind of new teaching, new education to guide them.

Waiting for the government to do the correct policy is just a waste of time since it involve to special interested and get conflict with a lot of beings.

So it is much easier to help people from the bottom via direct teaching, educating.
All kind of education will book, video, music, article, etc. are not going to work forever and cannot get attention from the mass public people.

The best solution is having a real new religion to educate people.
Here is the basic ideology about that new religion:
– No leader, the information will come out random to the online internet environment.
– All people are equal, thus no pray, no worship to any beings, entities.
– How people should self control their own body, own action, own decision.
– What people can do to self protect themselves in the modern technology day in both cyber world and real life world.
– Remind people about religion is for teaching and a lot of sacred information in the ancient day they should study.

and a lot of other information.

As I said I am on par with many super God, deities so it is very easily to me to take the lead.

Not only a brand new religion with completely new teaching, I can also make new religion about hidden purpose, meaning of all old religions or even have some twist such as the “modern Islam”, “modern Buddhism”, “modern Christianity”, etc.

But the big problem for me now is:
– I do not have money, resources, tools to setup, do, start a new religion.
– My mind still not fully free since I have not return the karma, the help to my relate family members yet (no money yet).

I am not going to make a new religion if I am not sure 100% success at least in term of spreading the ideology.

So if you want to discuss more with me about this project or want to support me, feel free to contact with me as soon as possible when I am still have desire to do so.

Remember the society in this world is just 1 out of many other societies in endless world of life.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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