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Date Posted:31-10-2022 07:12 AMCopy HTML

The Messiah With All The Potential Solutions For The International Financial Currency System

All people are equal, all nations are equal in front of the eternal God.

There is absolutely no reason to use US Dollar or Euro for all kind of international trading while you can use the Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Russian Rub, Indian Rupee, etc.

The global conflict around financial system must stop.
All nations, big entities must go into a poll to vote for the new system they think are the best for their nation and the world.
There is no any other option left because the whole civilization will collapse if nuclear war break out.

I have shared a lot of ideas and solution, but which one is the “best” for all, well it is a complicate question.
But now I will summary all the potential solutions on the table for all nations to choose from:

Path A: New Official International Currency(s).
Path B: Keep The Current Financial System.

Objective C: No Winner, No Loser, All Currencies Are Equal.
Objective D: There Will Be A Winner Currency At One Point.

Path A
In this path, there will be new official international currency(s) for all international trading between nations. All the current national currency will become the domestic currency.

People will able obtain new international currency via various fair public competition in all subject of life.

Road A-C:
There will be one new fiat money paper for each continent or only 1 for all.
If only 1 global currency: then there is no need for currency exchange rate.

If more than 1 currency: then the currency exchange rate will be changed on fixed formula.

Road A-D:
– With continent currencies for each region, then the official global currency will be decided either via supply demand rule or via some kind of competition such as via luck draw, sport, etc. for every year.

– Another option is using natural resources reserve such as oil, gas, silver, gold, etc. as the new international currency. And the “value” will be decided of each item will be decided by the people.

Path B
In this path, the current financial system will remain, but there will be new official rules (agreement) between nations to decide which currency will become the international currency.
There are many options/ways in this path B due to large number of different currencies on the system.

Road B-C:
– The currency for the trade between nations will decided via “random” 3rd currency, and all currencies will be used.

Example: Group of USA, Japan, China, Russia, IndiaUSA – Japan: using the Chinese Yuan CNY.
+ India – Russia: Chinese Yuan CNY.

+ Japan – India: Russian Rub.
+ USA – China: Russia Rub.

+ Russia – USA: Indian Rupee.
+ Japan – China: Indian Rupee.

+ China – India: US Dollar.
+ Russia – Japan: US Dollar.

+ China – Russia: Japan Yen.
+ India – USA: Japan Yen.

Could apply for 1 or 2 year then new random draw again. Should apply to top 20 to top 100 biggest nations.

– The buyer must use the seller’s national currency such as the United Kingdom sell football match license but only accept the GBP. Then nations must buy the British Pound in order to buy that product service.
Because of that no any nations can “cheat” since it will involve in inflation within their nation as well.

Exchange rate will based on the market.
Which nation contribute more to the system will receive higher exchange rate.

Road B-D:
– For period of a week or month or quarter or year: there will be on official global currency from each nation. Could be choose from random draw or some kind of competition.

Example: you can have 12 different currencies for 12 months.
Then it would take only 10 years for all top 120 national currencies will be appear and be used as the global official currency.
The time period or total number of currency could be vary and depend on agreement between nations, groups.

– Each year there will be a total limited currency will become the official international currency in a basket such as 5 currencies per year.
Then nations and the people will freely to choose any currency from that basket for global trading.

– There will be official regional currency rule for each continent such as Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas.
And for each year there will be new currency will become the leading role of each continent.
People from that region must trade using that currency only.
While trade with other regions, they can either allow to choose any other currencies or must using that continent currency at that time too.

Above are 8 potential working solution for the new international financial system conflict.
I have shared even more strategy than that, but based on the current worldwide situation, I think they are the best potential ways now.

Each one have it own advantage and disadvantage, which one should be used?
That question is up to each national government.

I can design and write specific details for any of those solution above, but only when I receive donation and request from others. I don’t want to waste more time on the stupid war anymore.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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