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Date Posted:08-11-2022 04:47 AMCopy HTML

The Most Fair Harmony Way To Settle Any Battle Conflict Is Playing Ludo Horse Dice Game

If you want to settle any battle, conflict in the most fair way in harmony manner, then I would say playing the “Ludo Horse Dice” game.

In the Ludo Horse Dice game, you need both luck and talent.
The “luck” from the unseen force.
The “talent” come from the mindset of each individual person.

It is very simple but a very complicated game because it involve in a lot of move and dice rolling always switch between players.

I can say almost nobody (at the normal human level) can “cheat” in that game.

While in many other sports, games even lucky draw, people can always somehow “cheat” over others because it only take few moment to decide the final result.

The default normal Ludo Horse Dice game have 4 players in 4 corner, but you can custom design and add more player to 6 or 8 slot.
Or you can allow endless rollers (example 1 dice rolling 1 different person) while the main player is the only one decide the move.

And frankly, in most close race politics battle, you should use “Ludo Horse Dice” game to decide who is the real winner, who is the truly “God chosen one” in that particular timeline.

All other metric such as money, wealth or even super power, ability are all wrong.

No matter who you are, what is your age, your races, your background, all are equal when playing the Ludo Horse Dice game, that is why this is the most fair equal way to settle the conflict in the harmony manner.

This is the “God” method in some extend.

It is just matter of time before the Ludo Horse Dice game become a world number 1 sport, even better than football soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.

But in this sport, there is no clear favorite players in any matches because this is the most fair game, fair spot of life !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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