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Date Posted:24-10-2022 06:18 AMCopy HTML

The Most Fair Way To Distribute International Neutral Currency Is Via Public Competition

The only solution to end global conflict between nations around finance, currency, money is the appear of one or few official new neutral international currency.

Because from the stand point of national government, they only want their currency have low value to bring jobs for their people.

Remove or replace any national currency within that nation is not an option because that is what the authority want to control to keep the civil life stable in their country, here is “rights” of issue endless fiat money paper.

So the only working solution for all nations is a new neutral international currency (or few to several one).
But it also must not destroy or replace any current fiat money paper that backed by the authority.

You need to understand it is all about how the money being distributed to the society.
The option to let some entity decide which group, which beings receive money is off the table in the international finance environment.

With all that conditions then the only way to have a new international neutral currency is through public competitions.

Public competition here could mean any subject of life from question theory test, language speaking to physical sport event.

You can have a new international currency called as Global Fair Karma.

Then how the public competitions occur?
Each big group/entity or each nation will send their challenge/request content info which they think are the best for the society.
Then all people from all nations will have choice to choose and compete any competition they want.

The “winner” who meet the requirement will receive the new global currency.

The public competition here is not decide who is the champion, who is the top but it is about which one meet the challenge, who can give the “correct” answer.

The amount of money is based on various factors but all will be public, transparency so all people from all nation will have an equal same opportunity to obtain new international currency.

Then how the new international currency being spent, used is up to the people.

There should be some kind of public using rules such as not allow to use for credit card or borrowing, loan, etc.

All nations will have a new choice to use new international currency to settle any transactions trading with others if they think using fiat money is not fair way or they think other nations are “cheating”.

That’s the best possible solution right now to end the global conflict.
Because all kind of talking, negotiation are not going to work.

Feel free to share this article to all the entity, governments, groups.
All kind of debate, questions, discussion are welcome here.

Best Regard,
The Savior Is You

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