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Date Posted:09-11-2022 12:16 PMCopy HTML

The New Additional World Economic Money System Must Focus On Personal Power, Individual Business

The current global financial system are focus too much on group, team, organization business and no longer suitable in term of human development evolution in this society.

If there is a new additional world economic monetary system appear, then it must focus on personal power and individual business to make the society more balance.

Money mean business and the you should remember the keyword “business” or “trading”.
Many the wrong things in the society is all because of wrong “trading”.

In the current economic fiat money system:
– The authority, government are the one decide how the money being distributed, quantity, who will received.
– All different kind of companies are allow to use the current fiat money system, no rule no checking whatsoever.

So the new additional system must be opposite with some feature like:
– The currency(s) must be distributed via equal fair way (either direct quantity or opportunity) so all people are being treated equal.
– Only allow individual business where the owner also the workers (100%), so no more “investor”.

It is just like gold vs silver in ancient time.
You cannot say only accept gold but not silver for your own personal advantage.

In the free modern world, you must let’s the people decide between 2 or more fiat money paper types.

If your national government can accept and allow all type of currencies exist then it is ok, if not then pick 1 you think are “good” for your people. And if other nations decide do not trade with you because of difference currency type, then you must accept it.

Real competition is the only way to decide who is the real “winner” or “loser”.
Without competing with each others, all kind of theory are worthless no matter who are the “decision maker” !
That is the divine way of life.

Here the competition is not about gold vs fiat money but it is all about fiat money vs fiat money, so there is no reason to scared !

If any group of nations think their ideology about any additional fiat money system are working, just do it, just implementing in real life and see whether they are work or not.

Do not believe in any prophets or any super beings who can show you illusion image or able to give you some “toys” of weapon, all of them are toying, deceiving, treating you like animals !
Only me who are treating you like real equal friend, but got ignored.

How stupid idiots !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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