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Date Posted:11-11-2022 10:38 AMCopy HTML

The New Era On Earth Will Begin In China Or Russia Or United States

With all the world wide chaos was and are still happening around the globe, I can say the new era on Earth will kick off either in China or Russia or United States.

Each nation have it own advantage and opportunity.

The real change here are some significant policy in the society, not any small one but very big one.

It is totally up to the people, especially the leaders, controllers, military of these nations.

The most easiest one is China, then the CIS Russia, the hardest one is United States.

As much as I want to help them, but if they do not open up and listen to me, then there is absolutely nothing I can do about government policy, which has directly link to people society life.

I have shared a lot of different plans, strategies, solutions for world peace.

But I have no interested in become public world hero at all, so I am not going to show up on the media.

So if you want to see world peace and better, more interesting society for all, then please tell all those nation that contact me the Savior as soon as possible.

If those top leaders, elders, big organizations want to meet, see, talk with me in real physical person, then I willing and ready to do so.

My time is very limited and will offline, disconnect with all of you within the next few weeks since I have shared everything I need to, and my personal family situation won’t allowed me to waste time more on the cyber internet world.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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