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Date Posted:08-11-2022 01:01 PMCopy HTML

The New Fusion Merged Currencies Is Going To Be The Real Money Evolution

In the previous article, I have shared a brief detail and information about the new fusion merge currencies but without much explain or commentary, so I will do this is post.

There are many great things and benefit of the new fusion merged currencies:
– It will act like a new feature in the world economic financial system.
– It will shutdown the dominant of the US Dollar, Euro completely on the international trading market.
– Many big organizations at international level will be shutdown because the “USD” will have little to no impact at world level. It will separated between the ocean and mountain in the world of economic money game.
– Reduce the inflation rate in all nations because people have new “treasure” to chase for, to invest in.
– All nations will now pretty much equal since they do not need rely on any particular currency like with the current USD, Euro, but they will need to find, form real new alliance to build the new “fusion merged currency”.
– Many close, nearby nations can trade with the new local fusion merged currencies without the needed of using US Dollar, Euro since the problem about “trust” is no longer a real issue due to the new fusion merged currencies formation rule are required “member currencies”.
– People will have more objective to live in because of “new meta” in real life.
– People will 100% accept the new fusion merged currencies because it is natural way.
List of benefit are endless, it is just waste of time for me to describe but let you guys to do the job of analyzing.

The drawback is will make the world society system more complex and you need to implementing it in a correct way to make sure the fairness and safety.

It is up to each entities, individual person with their own ideology about how it should be implemented or where to start, what region first or what group of nations should be form together, etc.

If you are looking for new solution but also a new logical chapter in the current Earth life, then the new fusion merged currencies is the one.

Whether it is “good” or “bad” for the future, whether is is the “correct” timing or “wrong” timing, it is tough and hard to tell.

My duty is pretty much end here since I am broke (have no money) and have no reason to giving out more free information without receiving anything in return.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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