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Date Posted:19-03-2023 04:33 AMCopy HTML

The New Moral Nonprofit Currency Is The Best Way To Educate People About Money, Life

If you are looking for a magic wand, then my new moral nonprofit currency money is a thing that suit the best.

Since ancient times, most people only care about gold, money, wealth from birth till death.

That is all what they have known and what the whole society “offer”.

Thus the only way can really change that mindset is must via big society changing.

All kind of propaganda, school lesson cannot solve the root problem of “money addicted”.

At the moment, you have profit company and non-profit company.
But you only have 1 type of currency/money which is the “profit” that issued by the national government and secret backed by natural resources.

Is that OK to create a brand new nonprofit currency/money type in the society?
Yes. Because you do not need any things to backed a worthless money/currency.

All what need to do left is design a new policy, new law, media so that the new nonprofit currency can have room to grow and become a new real society standard.

You can force all the charity actions only allowed to nonprofit currency type.

You can only enough companies to sell their soon to be worthless items or no longer use products/services such as old software, game or nearly expired food/drink, etc.

You can only use the nonprofit currency/money for all kind of giveaways actions such as to sport winner, old people, etc.

You can also able to replace many “insurance” products with the new nonprofit currency.

You could make new nonprofit currency become a new “visa” for everyone who are need help in dangerous situation of the future. Because when in dangerous situation, who you are going to save first between millions people?
In that hard situation, all kind of currency fiat money are useless because that is where only moral and human intelligence are truly shine.

With just above “potential market”, the new nonprofit moral currency money will already able to become a new symbol of the society. Then it will educate, encourage people live more with moral, should not care much about profit in real life business.

You can have new rules about who will qualified to receive that new nonprofit currency money where only “good” moral people will able to obtain it, while all the stupid corrupt beings won’t.

The benefits are just too much to described, and only few intelligence people, leader who can really understand my vision and my idea.

Since I am still a player at the moment who is lacking of money/wealth at the moment, so it is very bias for me to give out all the information of this new non profit currency and implementation process.
As far as I know now, all national government are not allowed to printed more fiat money in “moral” legal way at the moment but must using new other ways.

It is legal to print new nonprofit moral currency because the new money/currency is not as the same as current fiat money paper. All the referee group will 100% allow, no doubt about it.

Now all national government, royal families, top organizations need to do is contact me as soon as possible to talk, debate more about the new nonprofit moral currency money because I am the author of the idea and you must receive my permission (frankly this idea which I have crafted few years ago, already shared online but not yet clear like this present moment, you can check at .….aimoo).

The society evolution will and must begin with the new nonprofit moral currency money, there is no any other option !

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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