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Date Posted:04-11-2022 04:45 AMCopy HTML

The New Natural Resources Buying Permission Notes Will Be Great For This Society

The real solution for both the climate change issue and international economic war is must be the new “natural resources buying permission notes”.

There are a lot of factor in climate change issue, but the major cause is all the “unripe” natural resources extract by humans (not only oil, gas but also every others materials such as iron, bronze, silver, gold, etc.)

Who have the “rights” to truly own all those natural resources?
It cannot be just a small group of people.
But it must be the entire humanity !

But now due to the complex corruption system since ancient times, it is nearly impossible to change and defeat that corrupt system.

The best things to balance up is using the weakness of the “enemy”.
No matter how much you are owning natural resources, but if you do not have the buyer, then it means nothing, and those natural resources are worthless.

What if now the world have new “natural resources buying permission notes” so only the one who have that notes have ability/power to buy all natural made materials ?

Then that where power truly back to the people.

The ones who are owning the new “natural resources buying permission notes” will become the new owner of natural resources (at least co-owner along with the current natural resources extractor, the one have obtain mining permission from the authority).

You can have many options like:
– World natural resources buying permission notes. (Apply to all people in all nations)
– International level between nations. (Apply for cross border trading)
– At region/continent level. (Only apply in group of nation or continent)
– Smaller state/nation zone. (Only apply in a each individual state/nation)

You can also have oil gas buying permission notes and the rest natural resources buying rights. Which mean 2 separate notes types.

Because oil gas affect almost everybody in modern era while the rest of natural resources have lower impact to the economic world.

Who are deserve to become first time owner of the natural resources buying permission notes?
Well it is up to each individual person with their ideology.
It should be via fair competition.
But due to the time limited and fairness so:
It could be the Zimbabwe ZWR or any Yugoslavia bank notes (old out of circulation banknote).
Or via random draw between all humanity.

If using historic reason and easy to implement then using the old out of circulation banknote will be the perfect choice !

Then people, group who want to truly buy/own any natural resources they must obtain via direct buy the new natural resources buying permission notes just like they must buy US Dollar, Euro in order to buy oil, gas nowadays.

That is the pure economic solution (not involve in any human development evolution).

Again, I do not have any money and reason to design that big complex system.
So above is just raw idea, raw solution.

If you want more details then you must make big donation to me so I can know that there is true desire out there.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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