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Date Posted:06-11-2022 01:40 AMCopy HTML

The Only Correct Method For World Peace Is New Unique Creations

There are too many corruptions and darkness in this world.
All because lack of variety unique creations.

You cannot really change and defeat the invisible forces if you do not using the correct method.
The root problem is the system itself, so the only working solution is make the currency society system become better, stronger.

Catching bad guys just cannot help but it will bring much more trouble in the future.

New unique creations here mean everything in life from small level to big level, from just a book, art, poem, handmade goods, new creative services etc. to local policy, government level laws, world economic system, etc.

Now there is absolutely nothing, the top authority controllers don’t want to do anything.
All big organizations are prefer fighting, killing each others instead of working together to create better society system for all.

You do not fighting with the “stupid, idiots”, you should ignore them and create you things.

You do not take over any company and try to change it but you should start your own new business with brand new idea for the people have more choice.

Just like you must create new games for player to choose from, you do not editing the current video games that created by others just because you think your version, your thinking are “better”, while the old creator are “wrong”.
It is not how the life should be ?!

But in order to encourage people creative more, you must have the correct macro policy(s) to encourage public people to do it.

If the top government authority cannot do that, then they are going to doomed and failed just like many old dynasty was vanished throughout the history !

Don’t wasting time, energy, resources to fix the current system but you should create more new things, stuffs, policies to “manage” the people, to give people more choice, more option to choose from, then the natural instinct of each people will guide them !

That is how you should do to defeat the “evil” and make the society become better.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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