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Date Posted:11-11-2022 04:17 AMCopy HTML

The Only Solution For China To Defeat The COVID Is Using Ancient Culture & Finance System

The root problem of the corona virus COVID is all about human development and evolution.

Many governments, authorities no longer able to truly help, assist the public people, and China is one of them.

The main issue of public Chinese people now is related to: mindset (lack of purpose living, only have target of get rich), technology (cannot handle the machine but get lost).

Example: in real life instead of using cash, they usually using smartphone with QR code for trading. Many people only think money is technology, smartphone only (especially the young generation).

I don’t need to tell much but I am here to giving out the working strategy, solution.

What China need to do now overall is revive their rich, diverse ancient culture, minority languages and make it become a new kind of competition between each Chinese group, so the people can have a new objective, purpose of living.

It can be done via various way, but the only long term strategy is using the financial system.

They need to release the “100% physical local currency” for each minority language.
And allow the people trading it in real physical life.

It is very easy to explain to the people:
– Prepare for the world future financial chaos.
– Revive ancient culture, language, custom.
– Give people more choice in the financial world.

Because it is 100% physical local currency only, thus there won’t be any digital transaction, thus it will be very easy to manage, could start from the group with 10+ million population, then move it to 1+ million people group.

How the 100% physical local currency released, distribution then it is up to vision of each minority group leader or can using a fair metric of “random draw”.

The current Chinese Yuan now should be used for digital transaction, international, far distance trading.
Exchange rate between small ethnic language based currency is up to the people 100%.

It is a quite a complicated and a huge project so I don’t waste time here.

With the new big feature in the society especially related to money, wealth, people will wake up, their mindset will grow instantly just like a kids just find out a new interesting game and eager to play.

The consequence effect to the economy system are huge.

Thus the COVID will 100% be defeated without a doubt.

If China want me to help more about this project, they can contact me as soon as possible while I am still have desire to do so.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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