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Date Posted:26-10-2022 02:03 AMCopy HTML

The President Messiah Reveal Plan, Strategy To Make America Great Again

It is time for me to finish and payback what the United States have contributed to this civilization.

If you want to improve and make a nation become better, stronger, then you must fully know the both the root problem and the illusion temporary issues of that country.

The root problem of any nation is the people are too stupid.
Many of them was labeled as “useless eaters” by the idiots elite group.

The temporary big issues of the USA and many Western nations now are facing is the federal budget are negative, their trade deficit also negative.
Because they are giving out too much benefit for their people.

The truth is if you want to reduce number of “useless eater” in the society, the best way is authority remove all the free benefit to the public people.
If you want to help the people become smarter, you must put them in self survival mode alone.

The drawback of giving free benefit is make people realize more about the government, make people have less motivation of living.

If I was the president of the USA and the final decision maker, here what I am going to do:
– Make the total federal budget become positive number.
– Remove trade deficit with other nations via natural way which is bring more jobs.

The best way to create more jobs is do not have any minimum wage and allow people to free adjust the society.
But now it is impossible to remove it especially in the USA.

So the solution is create something new, and there are 2 doable projects:
– Project 1: create a new special economic zone in the southern border.
Due to high amount of undocumented people in the USA, you can use that reason to create that special zone with 0 minimum wage. They are the “criminal”, so they won’t receive the “benefit”.

Anyone in the USA are allowed to come here to create new, do business if they want.
But there will be a high security checking point to make sure “no cheating”.

And in order to make it right, you should give opportunity for them to become US citizenship based on their working, contributing in the special zone.
So this zone could be the testing, challenge zone for all undocumented people.

– Project 2: having real life economic survival experiment, testing in random state(s) each year.
This experiment will last for 20 years.
In each year, there will be certain amount of state will must “draw” a number as the minimum wage from 1 to 6 (1 dollar to 6 dollar per hour).
Or you can use fixed rate as 0 or 1 dollar per hour.

Because there are about 50 states in the USA but this experiment program will last for 20 years.
So the average is about 2 states each year only.
You can pick 1 state in the East Coast and 1 state in the West Coast every year.

The experiment will not affect the long term workers since they have contract but it will bring down the cost of living.

Since it is just a real life survival experiment and only last for 1 year, so the “effect” won’t be last and people will happy to accept the new 0 minimum wage to see how the living cost will be.

That is about how you can do to decrease the minimum way to 0-1 dollar per hour so more jobs will be created.

Looking at the US federal budget, I can see they are spending too much money for non-necessary matter such as the health medicare medicaid, social security.
And frankly if you already have food bank program already, then you do not to spend money on those things.
But now how you going to remove those medicare medicaid and many other benefit?

The best solution is having a new standard for anyone who want to receive.
Everybody must protect and take care of themselves first, they just cannot eat anything, do whatever they want even though they know it harmful for the body, then expect the government “save, help” them.

The new standard would be some kind of military exercise test or similar to the “Ninja Warrior” television program.
The detail of the test up to the military and government but overall it will be the real test to make sure only the healthy people will pass the test.

So whoever want to receive free government benefit must do this challenge once in 10 to 20, 30, 40, 50 year for example or just once in lifetime (should be when introduce this project first time to the public).

Beside few ideas about new business the government can do which I have shared yesterday, the military could use their ability to make money within the US land as well.
The Government can have new rules, new program “Military premium security” to the society, where people can hire and use the program for extra protection.

If big event or big high value company, you can have force rule must use this premium military security service. The fees will upon to the agreement between the military and the people who in charge of the event, organization.

Above are some doable normal projects which you must implement if want to Make America Great Again based on the current global rules.

Since I am not living in the USA so don’t really feel and know what truly life inside, but the overall strategy plan solution should be similar to above.

If the US authority think great and want to use my idea, don’t forget to make a big 6 digit figure USD donation to me as soon as possible and before I went offline.

If you have any question, feel free to ask.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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