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Date Posted:30-10-2022 01:21 AMCopy HTML

The Problems, Enemies Of Any Economy: Investor, Wage, Standard

In any economy, the main enemies are the investors, minimum wage, product standard rule.
If a economy do not have any investor, do not have any minimum wage, do not have any product safety, quality standard => then the unemployment rate number will be less than 2% instantly.

That’s the truth in all nations.

The minimum wage help the worker but also help the owner as well.
The minimum wage prevent and restrict people start new business.

The investors are the one who do not work but still want to receive free money via hidden controlling others using so called “company shares, ownership”.

When an entity trying do control everything in the economy through investing, which mean, they are no longer “gambling” but are directly cheating !

You need to remember 1 person cannot invest and control everything, but a group a people can.
That’s called as common group benefit.

You should using a theory and wonder: what the society would be like if there is no investor.

Well that society will not only still alive but will be much more creative, dynamic and better.

If you want to truly close the gap between the rich and the poor, reduce unemployment rate and support small businesses, then you must “attack” the investor group with all the new additional rule, law !

The last problem is the product standard rule.
This one is not much big deal but it also a real problem.
There is no any “safe” items, there is only “more safe” or “less safe” goods.
It restrict and limit the creative mind !

The best way to help the public people is via educating, not via complicated rules.
I see many nations have quality, safety standard, which is terrible and not good for human development at all !

In conclusion, if you truly want to make the economy grow healthy, reduce the society gap between people, then you must attack and remove the real enemies: investor, minimum wage, product standard regulation.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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