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Date Posted:24-10-2022 06:21 AMCopy HTML

The Public Cure For The Society Disease Corona Virus COVID Is Do More Physical Exercise

From my knowledge, the current corona virus COVID is like the overall collective society disease, not any particular individual person because it has absolutely zero physical eyes seen symptom.

The natural of humans are powerful beings that can able to live to many thousand years if not forever.
But now, they are still live to about 100 years, which is so wrong.

The major problem of almost all human in the current modern day now is eating too much but do too little physical exercise.
That is the root problem of all war, chaos since the ancient time till the present day.

And with the appear of technology, people are dying at faster speed due to unable to truly “handle” the machine, computer in correct manner.

So the best natural vaccine, public cure in the mainstream media and government guide for the corona virus COVID must be to do more physical exercise such as playing sport, run walk in the park, forest, etc. and little to no machine using such as car, motorbike, smartphone, etc.

Because it is nearly impossible to encourage the public people to eat less so the only option left is to let the people to “work” more the physical exercise.

That is the main strategy to make the entire society become better, that is the collective solution, any other “catch” this or that particular person are not going to work in the long run since that “negative bad karma energy” only transfer from this to that beings.

How to implementing the “public cure” is up to the secret controller and the authority government.

The truth is that with the current normal diet food eating of most humans then even if walk, run 50-100 miles or km a day, it is still not enough !
I am just telling you how bad the root problem of this collective society disease is via that little example.

If the authority, government and secret controller group do not listen and follow my advice then it is just matter of time because the end of this civilization via natural disaster !

It is not fear warning but in reality in all regions on Earth, you guys already see many crazy hash weather that only occur in hundreds year, and they are just the warning from natural Gods.

I am looking forward to have direct contact communication with all top secret controller and the authority government to “solve” the root problem of the society related to COVID, but only when my desire and will power still remain.

Best Regard,
The Savior Is You

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