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Date Posted:10-11-2022 03:46 AMCopy HTML

The Quickest Solution For Global Trade War Is Using Ancient Trading Method

People must remember old history because there are a lot of useful information that can still able being used in modern day.

The root problem of the current global economic currency war between nations is because of modern technology.
In theory, if you take off all kind of computer, machine in trading, then there would not be any problems at all !

If you want to know some of the quickest methods from ancient times in trading, then here:
– Trading goods for goods.
– Trade direct in person only: cash for goods.

There is absolutely no reason you must trade your oil, gas for any fiat money paper while you can trade is directly rice, wheat, clothes, etc. Although it may be more complicated but it is doable !

Or in the smart way you can trade some quantity of oil gas for direct goods, and some quantity for fiat money paper, etc.

Trading in person mean you only send oil gas when the buyers send you cash first (and the cash here is just any neutral currency both parties accept). And because of in person trading, thus there won’t be any kind of contracts or working paper, therefore nobody truly know what exactly the “price” and the “currency” in the trading beside the buyers and sellers.

The trading methods above can apply to almost every industries.

People are exchanging convenient for trouble, problems that do not truly exist at all.

And frankly most people nowadays are living but without thinking, many of them are forgetting history and ancient knowledge, and it is necessary to shut down technology, machine to save the society !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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