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Date Posted:04-04-2023 04:27 PMCopy HTML

The Reunification Of China Taiwan, North South Korea Will Occur With A Same Formula

The China Taiwan, North Korea South Korea conflict will end, they will reunify with a same formula: new federal government with zero political parties at the top.
China and North Korea have only 1 single political party.
Taiwan and South Korea have multi political parties.

Using weapon forces and destruction are forbidden and not allowed.
So the only way is via "peace".

Since both sides cannot find a common ground with their current politic ideology, thus the only solution is something new.
And the new federal government is the only way.
In order for it work then the new leaders must not come from any political parties so he/she must be neutral from zero political party.

That is the new government structure of new China and new Korea.

How to implementing?
Must via real sport competition since that is the most close to physical weapon war.
But in order for public citizen accept, it must come in a natural way.

The only natural way is through official currency war competition (not yet exist but must be implemented).

That is how the new China and new Korea will be unified.
I do not see any better solution.

Do not believe me? Just go ask your super Gods/deities.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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