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Date Posted:14-11-2022 07:09 AMCopy HTML

The Savior Looking For International Partners, Books Distributor To Save This Civilization

I have shared a lot of strategy, solution at macro level (government policy) to help this world.
But it will takes couple of weeks to months or even years for those low level beings can fully understand and accept my words.

As I have said, there are 2 major methods to make the society become better: either via government policy or via direct educating to the public people.

I have finished the part 1 and have nothing more to talk or offer about geopolitics anymore.
Now all I can try to help, save this civilization is though public education.

I have showed a lot of creative ideas, strategy, so you should know how powerful, how smart, how talent of I am.

Because public education are required a lot of works, energy and support from the low level beings so I am not going to do it alone unless I receive certain support and few partners that can help to do some small tasks.

So now I am looking for international partners, books contents distributors, translators, financial support, etc.

I can provide a lot of new creative ideas, books, projects to help the public people in this society but I am not going to do it alone without receiving any in return because I need finance to support people around me, that is the only difference between me vs super deities/beings who can contribute/help the public people but chose not to do.

I can provide books for free or under low price, but where to sell books while most major platforms only give less than 50% profit for the creators. And it may not take much time for me to create new books, new contents but it will takes a lot of effort to just introduce the book to the public, society.

As I know, there are many groups who are receiving certain amount of budget to do the job of help/assist mortal humans in this society. But many of them are lack of ideas, solutions.
So it is a smart choice for them to work with me.

If they or any of you who have any NDA(non disclosure agreement contracts) or don’t want to talk, communicate with me, then another option is just silent make big donation to me, then I will share the content, book, strategy, solution for free.

Above offer will be last for few days to a week because I want everything must be quick and this civilization don’t have much time left too.

I am very serious with this message and offer, so please read it carefully.
My talent and intelligence level already show off.

If you want to save this civilization from destruction, want to live in a better more interesting society, then please send/share this message to your friends, boss, leaders, team as soon as possible.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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