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Date Posted:17-11-2022 03:01 AMCopy HTML

The Savior Looking Funds For Non Profit Project That Will Save This Civilization From Destruction

The world is in danger place.
Now there is only 2 choice: actions or destruction.

All kind of typical actions, words are absolutely meaningless.

There is only 1 single that will save this civilization from total collapse (either with natural mega disaster or physical weapon war) is new creations new education.

Yesterday I have reveal that I have a found a great “medicine”, a completely new strategy that will educate people to become better person and life will be more interesting.

But I am not going to sell that idea but I want to tell it to the whole world in as many language as possible. Because the information is so sacred, so important and I don’t want any bad player/people/entity take advantage of it.

The truth is that I am complete alone and don’t have any money to do that kind of big project.

So I am looking for funding for this non profit project that will save this society, this civilization.

The amount is minimum 100,000 USD/Euro to 1 million USD/Euro.

The more money, the more easier to do, more languages will be provided to the people.

Funds raising deadline: from now till the end of this November 2022 (so about 10-14 days).

Because I want my brand new ideas/information spread in the year of 2022.

I have never do something like this and I don’t trust any entity, thus I am not going to sell this idea to any beings/groups/entities no matter how much money you guys offer.

It is time to reveal who is the good player and who is the bad player, who want to destroy this society and who want to save this society.

Many big top organizations, groups, high title people will die and vanished just because they have ignored me ! Sound fantasy and unreal ?!

So this is a opportunity for all bad beings to exchange “bad karma” for “good karma”, a heaven chance for them to do something good for the people.

Without enough money, I am not going to this project because it won’t be like the way I want which treating all people are equal thus the information must go to all nations in all languages at once, or better never !

The information, the new teaching will be on par with all old sacred religions so it must come in epic way.

Please send, share this message to all secret societies, groups, government, people, beings to make the world become better.

Do not waste time, money for useless projects that those useless “leaders” cannot even promise any direct result. The smart people know that they should spending money on me instead of many billions project that lead to absolutely nothing !

Feel free to contact me for more discuss.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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