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Date Posted:28-10-2022 02:24 PMCopy HTML

The Savior Messiah Want To Have Some Deals With The Top Mortal Humans Management Group

I am the savior Messiah.
I want to talk and have some deals with any top mortal human management group of this civilization.

Here including any entities in both the public and private government/group.
There are too many secret entities behind the scene, some are chasing for super power/ability I am not talking about since that group does not care much about mortal human affair.

The group I want to talk to and maybe have some deals with is the people who are trying to assist/help the mortal human people.

I have already provided my strategy to end global conflict between nations (for both the East and West). Whether they can understand and accept or not, it may takes a lot of time.

What I am trying to do next is help people in direct way through a lot of new creative information/knowledge to help public people easy follow and practice (focus on healthy living style).
Of course the level will be just enough since it will be open for the public.

But I am lacking many tools, easy worker such as spreading the content, translate information into various different languages or even selling the content (if it sensitive).

Due to lack of time and the urgent situation based on the world chaos, so it is better for me focus on creating new unique content, and other people do easy job such as video, spreading information, translating, etc.

I am not going to work for free but I want to receive something in return based on my contribution my works since most of the assisting humans group are receive some kind of big money, budget to do so.

I prefer receive reward based on the quality and result of my works rather than any fixed money.

I can create a lot of new unique book to help people live more healthy, live with more purpose, help people smarter, etc.

If any of those group who that are trying to help mortal humans but lack of ideas, solution and want to work with me, then you can contact me as soon as possible to see whether we can join force or not.

Above invitation will open for about 2 weeks from now till 11-11-2022.

Feel free to send this invitation, offer to all the entities, beings, groups.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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