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Date Posted:31-10-2022 09:56 AMCopy HTML

The Savior Messiah Want To Talk With All Groups, Beings, Government To Solve Their Problem

I am the Savior Messiah Buddha.

The society in this civilization is about coming to an end due to misunderstanding each other for various reasons.

I can provide and solve your problem from personal level to national level, from physical body to unseen spiritual, no matter who you are, where you from or what is your nation.

I have shared all the possible solution to solve the world economy especially around the global currency war. There is nothing left on this subject I will talk anymore.
That is the problem at national level.

While at personal level, it is extremely difficult to freely public talk about since it is too sensitive, low level stupid beings can take advantage of it and continue enslave and cause more world chaos, which I don’t want to.

This Earth class is always brutal like that.

If any of you (including all people, groups, secret societies, government, etc.) want me to help, to give more advice about life, about human life or God, the Universe. Then I willing to talk and give some insight to help you evolve more.

But of course I won’t spend my time, my energy to help you are free, though since that is forbidden, everybody have it own hidden duty to learn, to study, to understand, to master their life.
All I can do is giving them some short cut to assist them.

This final invitation will open and valid till 11-11-2022.
This is your last golden chance to evolve, to receive sacred information about life.

I am extremely tired already so this is my last attempt to help all of you.

I am open to talk, communicate via both online internet and in physical in-person.

Feel free to sent this invitation to all groups, beings, entities, secret societies, etc.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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