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Date Posted:11-11-2022 08:10 AMCopy HTML

The Savior Vision: How To Make China Great Again

The China are in a very dangerous situation and their leaders are not smart enough to handle the people anymore.

So I as the Savior will share my vision about what China should do to survive and become great again.

The China is a nation with rich, diverse culture, traditions, languages.
So the best overall strategy is revive all of them so that people in modern day can truly able to learn new things and become better person.

If you ask: how to educate people to become better person?

Then you just cannot find any good answer because copying other nation’s culture, lifestyle is not the way to go. While learning remembering philosophy is also not a solution as well.

And because most people now are either don’t know or forget old culture, old way of living, so it is the best choice to using it as the “core” of the strategy.

There are many great things such as handmade goods, natural music from natural ingredient, personal individual business where people truly put their good intend in order to make a quality products, services, etc.

Most of them are get lost in the modern day when almost all people only focus on making as much money as possible.

But in order to start that big project, China must first reform their political ideology and official government structure.

Instead of allow only Chinese Communist Party to become the government official, they must change that policy to “one China only, no political party”.

The One China only, no political party is mean only people who do not belongs to any group, team, secret societies are allowed to become the official governor.

Only with that kind of policy, all the smartest people on China can appear and help the rest of society.

Because the true problem of the any society is special group interested with their ideology.

When people do not working for any particular group but self alone, that is where the true power of people appear.

After reforming the political government structure then China need move to the financial system.

The new local ethnic language based currency (100% physical money only) will be the next objective.

Depend on each ethnic group with their own ideology about how tax, exchange rate, etc.
But the overall rule should be no tax whatever for people using local ethnic language based currency.

It will encourage people to do more personal business, to create more new unique business, especially the one related with the ancient culture, traditions.

The official national currency Chinese Yuan must be replaced with the new one so that it can be difference with all the new local 100% physical money currencies.

And after all of those things, the China can open the border and connect with the rest of the world freely.

Sound pretty simple and easy ?!

But whether those top Chinese leaders, elders can agree with my idea or not is another question.

China must change to adapt or they will vanish.

And only via new unique creation, ideas that give them chance to survive.

There is no more choice.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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