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Date Posted:20-03-2023 04:46 AMCopy HTML

The Savior’s Online Journey Is About Coming To An End


I have shared the strategy for both the global macro level of human development and the solution to solve the national currency conflict between nations.

I have also shared some of my books (if need to sell to make money).

Now it is total up to each nations, each top groups/entities/beings.
Whether they accept and agree with my idea to defeat the beast “money addicted” disease or not.

Of course I could write and release book about that matters with the more individual strategy but it won’t work in a long run and can only capture a small group of people.
Only real society system can help the entire civilization.

I have not yet reveal the implementation process because it is not worth and I am not yet officially in charge of that project.

I am pretty much done with all the ideas, solution to help this society and civilization.

I think my journey to help this entire society is about coming to and end now.
The reason is I do not receive any financial support or contact/talk.
Thus I do not see any motivation left to write/craft any more idea.

So for the next 7 days from now March 20th 2023, it is my last time online for society business and matter. If you have any question or request especially for the society plan and solution, you should contact me within this time frame.

After next 7 days, if not receive any financial support or any contact to raise my motivation, I will completely off and stop thinking about anything related to politics, society, human development because the top secret controllers are not good enough to understand my idea, my vision.

I do not know and not yet decide what I will do next.

Feel free to send this message to all entity.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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