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Date Posted:24-10-2022 06:23 AMCopy HTML

The Society, The People Should Use Fossil Fuel, Energy More Wisely

The time for endless fossil fuel using is over.
As the civilization grow, the people must get smarter, they must live with real human intelligent.

I don’t see it in daily life from the top authority government to the mass public people.

Some examples are:
– They are promoting electric car to replace fossil fuel car.
What they suppose to do is create new smaller vehicle for transportation and promoting it such as scooter, skateboard, bicycle, etc.

– They need to educate people that stop using heat machine while they can use clothes.
The clothes make to keep people warm, so there is no reason to using heat machine or even woods anymore.

They are just quick few sample solution at macro level.
There are many other things the authority can do to reduce the fossil fuel consumption but they did not do anything.
Or they are doing it in wrong way.

The authority have power to get the people stay out of comfort zone, you must force the people try new things not only to save the civilization from hash weather, but also to make life more interesting.

I do not get paid to design any new policy or giving out new ideas, so I won’t do it, the job of making the society become better is the national government, not any poor beings like me.

Best Regard,
The Savior Is You

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