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Date Posted:25-11-2022 03:37 AMCopy HTML

The Truth Is Donald Trump Have Always Been The Real US President Since 2017 Till Today

Do not believe in what the media say or even the “public result”.

Most people with low level mindset will never understand the “King game” or the politics battle between nations.

If Donald Trump can win the hard contest of US Election 2016, so there is no reason for him to lose the much easy one in 2020.

But if you wonder why Joe Biden has been chosen but not Donald Trump in 2020.
Then here is few reasons:
– There are 2 maximum terms or 8 years for any US president.
– The COVID pandemic is big worldwide event and it will take times to “solve”.
So even if Donald Trump become the public US president in 2020, it does not change anything but just a waste.

But instead he acting like a “supporter, cheer leader” to wake up the sleepy Americans.
Speaking about common sense, if you are a rich billionaire and rich like Donald Trump, do you see any reason to work more, any reason to fight to the illusion worthless President title?

It would be a much better, smarter choice to stay silent, stay private and learn more about human evolution instead !

That is why you see Donald Trump are doing the Truth Social and doing tour speech around the USA.

If I tell you the top secret US military have many advanced technology that can “censor” and know the real state of many normal mortal humans, you would laugh at me.

But the fact they had.

Donald Trump is like a Fire Dragon while Joe Biden is like a Water Dragon to me.

Donald Trump get the support from top US military and entities.

You need to remember the goal, the objective is “Make America Great Again”.
So if do not have any real working plan, idea, solution, strategy to “meet” that goal, then it is pointless and meaningless.

And one of biggest challenge and objective the top US controllers/military was and are trying to do is a big change in the current World Financial System.

It not easy to “manage” the sleep mortal humans and it quite complicated issue and a lot of people with many different ideologies.

If you ask for the future, then the truth is up to all the players in the current Earth life game.

There is a chance for a big US reset in constitution.
There is a chance for Donald Trump will stay out of politics completely but do other silent jobs to help Americas.
There is big chance Donald Trump become the 47th President in 2024. (The US military wanted it).

That is the real game of politics and the view from high level beings from me the Savior.

You can agree or disagree, it is all up to you.

It would takes a lot of time to craft, to detect, to analyze and to craft new ideas, solutions, etc.
But there is no reason for me to do it because I am poor and do not receive anything in return so it it pointless for me to write more.

So you can treat this like a thanksgiving gift from me.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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