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Date Posted:25-11-2022 02:51 AMCopy HTML

The Truth Is UK Queen Either Is Still Alive Or Have Passed Away Long Time Ago

Now it time for some secret high level information in the big politics game.

Whether you like it or not but just like the fake planned Ukraine war, I still strongly believe that the UK Queen funeral was not natural at all for many reasons.

After Boris Johnson have stepped down, then Lizz Truss become the new PM, then after the UK Queen funeral completely gone, a new UK Prime Minister is come out of nowhere.

And if you look at the overall Queen look via the video then she looks perfectly normal.

So there are only few scenarios:
– The UK Queen still alive.
– The UK Queen have passed away long time ago and the UK Queen person you seen on the public affair is a fake one.

Another important number is the 70 year services !

It seem some entity are trying to “copy” the Bible.

I am not surprised to see a new UK Prime Minister soon after the Buckingham Palace fully “fixed”.

Why there are 5 years for the “fixing, renovation” of the UK Buckingham Palace before the Royal UK King allow to be move in?
It is because for the next 5 years is the big transitions process in the whole world society system, especially around the world financial system and the society life system in general.

Even though it is 5 years process but it could only takes 1-2 years if they listen to me the real savior.

If your vibration is high enough, you will agree with my statement above.
If not then you will laugh and do not believe in this theory.

You will see then.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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