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Date Posted:08-12-2022 10:30 AMCopy HTML

The USA Government Can Hire Me The Savior For Their MAGA Restored Republic Project

To the US Government & Military,
I am the savior Messiah legend.
I am looking for a job as an specialist tactics/adviser in the US Government or US military in order to “legit” help the project “Restored Republic” or “Make America Great Again”.

I have already shown my intelligence, creative via many of my articles over last couple of year on the internet under the name of the Savior Messiah.

I can work in US embassy in my local country or nearby in East Asia region.

What I can bring on the table that you cannot find at any other normal people?
Endless new unique ideas, solutions, visions, strategy, books about various subjects in life including politics to human ascension evolution.

The final decision is up to top US leader (private and/or public), I only provide raw ideas, information.

How much salary I the savior want ?
Salary is not any big deal of me, whatever number basic income like $1000-5000 a month is fine to me, I prefer receive reward via real life result (bonus).

What location I can work?
In Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, UK, US, Germany, Switzerland, China, India, etc.
Basically any location on Earth.

I do not have any government work experience and have no clue about the hiring process and working requirement.

I would accept an face to face in person interview in US embassy in my local city if you guys really interested in me
Then your final decision is up to you.

This is the best way I can work in private to help not only the Americans people but also the people from around the world in the best possible working environment.

I am very serious.

Whoever read this message, please send/forward to all secret societies, groups, entities, people, beings that can help me connect/talk with the top US administrators.

You can find my contact at my personal website or telegram channel savepeoplelife.

Thank you for reading.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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