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Date Posted:23-11-2022 02:48 AMCopy HTML

The US Should Remove Sanctions For Iran, North Korea With Reforming SWIFT System At Once

It is a great opportunity that exist for very long time but the United States have not yet touch.

Why sanctions Iran, North Korea?
In the media, you seen it because of nuclear weapon/ability.
But then it is so wrong because many other nation also have nuclear weapon too.

So it come down to so called “human rights”.
Well the society structure of the North Korea is like old dynasty with a real King from the top and the entire economy working like only 1 company Government exist only.

When 2 nations trade with each other it is always between company vs company.
And is there any metric about “fair” company like sport team member number?
Absolutely NOT !

So there is reason to ban/sanction or North Korea or Iran at all.

If the US and entities care more about so called “human rights”, then they should reform the SWIFT system too.

Now the SWIFT system only design for bank to bank transactions, so all kind of individual or companies of all kind are allowed.
The SWIFT system can have a great reform like: 1 route for individual person, 1 route for company/corporations.

The route for corporations can have some other more specific roads like: government supported company vs full 100% private company, the big international company vs the small local company, etc.

For the case of North Korea, Iran, if you think their government/authority are “evil” then you should only allow the SWIFT individual personal route for small transactions, and you do not lost anything by doing that.

You can also demand the international fiat money paper design that must not including any personal image too !

And a lot more rules can apply but only when the SWIFT system have a big reform to separated between each entity.

It will be much better to receive the media headline that “the US have removed sanctions for the North Korea, Iran but only apply for individual personal transactions”.

You must attack slowly little by little, do not expect 1 shot to kill all !

The game is easy to win but they just do not know how to win ?!

You must talk, you must take action.
It is cost absolutely nothing to talk, to tell endless ideas on the media so the media can know, understand and change the spiritual energy field to.

Do not just sit down and wait for miracle, it will never occur because reality set by you and your actions !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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