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Date Posted:25-10-2022 09:02 AMCopy HTML

The West Must Seek Direct Help From Me The Savior Messiah To Save Their Life

When you do not know what do to, then it is much better to seek any help from all people around the world.

With the public passed away of the UK Queen, the Western nation now are living, running without a real support leader both at physical and spiritual level.
It could be the end sign, the end support from certain super beings, gods, deities.

How often you see a random user on the online internet claim as the Savior and claim able to solve any problem of life ?!
Is that rare or often?
Do you see and meet it before year 2017 ?
Probably not in your entire life !

So why don’t give it a try.
Why don’t try to treat me like a normal person and ask any question you have?

I don’t know or care if you guys have any DNA or any hidden secret rules or not.

As much as I want to help you guys, but I just cannot help without connection, I just cannot break away the law of karma to help the far away beings and exchange for the sad result for the people nearby me.

Well, if you guys do not want to speak but only want me to give free solution, free help, then there is an option on the table.
All you guys need to do is make big donation with the number represent your country.
Some sign number of the Western is number 7, and you can combine with your telephone number such as United Kingdom (44) ; Germany (49), United State (1).

Big donation here is must from 5 to 7 digit such as 74444 GBP or 70001 US Dollar, or 49777 Euro, etc.

After I receive donation and cash out, which mean you guys already receive hidden support and connection from the real savior Messiah Buddha that on par with any deity, super Gods.

Then I can craft solution, policy for the authority and even provide free ebook to help them become better person in English language and share it with the English community (mostly from the West).

The list of ebook and information I can write and share have no limited (from daily diet, healthy lifestyle to how cultivate real intelligent, spirituality, ec.) because my mindset my creative is go beyond mortal human already.

But above way only work when I am still online and still need money to support my family members nearby me.
Once I don’t have any worry and need money then even if you make billion $ donation to me, then all of them are meaningless, worthless !

I have also open a uncensored forum for open discussion.
If you guys have any question, then feel free to ask.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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