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Date Posted:31-10-2022 03:37 AMCopy HTML

The West Only Have 2 Options: Adapt To Survive Or Die Vanish

The Western nations now in critical situation.

Their financial dominant is coming to an end.

Now they must face a choice between adapt to survive or die gone vanish.
They just cannot win the battle vs God’s will !
The God here is not any deity but the unseen powerful God.

All the US Dollar or Euro will be replaced or lost their power.
The Western leaders better looking, making the transition period instead of continue dreaming !

I have pointed out the root problem of their economy system is the minimum wage, and also gave them some very useful working strategy solution.

All the robot economy where only small amount of people control, owning almost all companies are over ! Not anymore !

I as the Messiah already gave them an offer to help especially in term of economy knowledge wisdom and in the spiritual, human development evolution fields for the public citizen and their leaders as well.

But my time is limited and I am not going to help without receiving rewards in return.

There is no reason to write English book to help the West, while I can write Chinese book to help the East.

My offer and desire to help not only the West but also all nations only til 11-11-2022.
After that time, no more !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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