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Date Posted:19-03-2023 04:31 AMCopy HTML

This Civilization Is Dying Collapsing Because People Do Not Care About Personal Growth, Only Money


This society, this civilization is about to collapse for many reasons but some of them are:
– People do not care about their own personal growth.
– Many people only chasing for money, wealth, illusion title power.
– Many Governments do not have any real effective new public policy to encourage natural human development.
– Lack of new unique creation.

The COVID pandemic and the Ukraine Russia war or any other kind of war is all because the top “referee group” giving out order/command based on the overall society/civilization development.
All what they was seeing is the total collapse of the civilization.

That is the reason all national governments are no longer allowed to issue more fiat money paper despite the fact they have many natural resources in hand. Or you can understand the previous rules of inserting money are no longer work.

The current society system are outdated, lack of new features.
There are 2 major group of humans in this society:
– Group 1: chasing for money/wealth.
– Group 2: chasing for drug, title power.

The poor people looking for money while the rich money group are often spend their money for drug addicted.
They are the most popular issue of this society.

Because that is because of the stupid outdated society system.

People who are chasing for money because they are lack of money, lack of information.
People who are chasing for drug, alcohol because they do not know what to do next in their life (lack of new objective, motivation).

The solution?
The only way is adding new features in the society system, there is no any other option left.
All kind of book, videos, propaganda are not going to work.

But what features?
Well now it is depend on the vision, intelligence of the leaders who are behind each national governments. Because they are the one who make the laws.

But the big problem here is many of them are still living acting with animal mindset where they are expecting help from their employees. They do not want to spend any money, wealth to seeking help from outsiders because they fear their position will be replaced/gone.

I have share many options, ideas but do not receive anything in return even just a contact, let alone donation so it is just waste of time for me to talk more.

But overall my strategy to defeat 2 current big problem of the society is create new money currency title but for nonprofit purpose using only (people only can obtain via non-commercial purpose).
The full details of that system I already have in my mind, but since there is no real listerner so it is just waste of time for me to write/share it.

If you are really looking for real solution to help the society, you/your group better contact me as soon as possible before I go completely offline.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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