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Date Posted:24-10-2022 01:20 PMCopy HTML

Top Elite People Group, Secret Controllers Are Unable Manage The Public People, They Must Stop Now

All kind of on going war from economic to disease to physical weapon war are only confirm the fact is that the elite people group, the top secret controllers, the authority, national governments, etc. are no longer able to manage the public people.

If you cannot manage and control others in peace and harmony, then why don’t just give up, why wasting time, energy of you and others ?!
While you can step down, use your time to study, learn more about human, life and even cultivate intelligent to be like God.

Do you guys know what is “objective living” mean ?

War only bring deadly result for both the “winner” and “loser”.
So there is absolutely no reason for any kind of stupid harmful war !

If the entire society and civilization is a machine, then what is the best way to fix it?
First you must shut down and stop that machine running.
If you do not stop the machine operating, then you cannot what is “wrong” and how to fix it in the correct way.

If you let the machine keep running and try to fix then it is just impossible to understand the root problem, let alone able to have the working solution.

That similar way of pattern life apply into reality of human affair as well.
At personal individual level and at the macro international level between nations, that golden rule is always true !

The question is what is the motivation behind those worthless actions from top secret controllers ?!
Life is all about human evolution and longevity, if they do not live for that purpose, then they are just pure idiots beings.

I highly recommend all the elite people, secret controllers stop control the public people, let’s break into thousand smaller nations and they better seeking knowledge wisdom that can extend their longevity or can help them evolve be like God.

You need to remember the story of how Gautama Buddha ascended in few thousand years ago.
He is self alone in his ascension journey and do not team up with any beings. While all other team, group cannot find the success.
So if any of you want to evolve like Gautama Buddha, then the only way is trying to copy his similar method.

As I have said I have evolve to Gautama Buddha level, thus I fully know the secret and his ascension journey.
Therefore I can easily share that sacred hidden information to beings that have faith and hope in me if they want, but with limited time frame since I am not online forever due to family member issues.

Helping other is not about giving out free information but about how to help others self improve real human intelligence and self master the body, life.

Without direct communication, there is no way I can give you the correct information, solution you are waiting, seeking for.

I repeat what I have said: there is absolutely no any problem in life that I cannot solve including all hidden secret and hard problems, so speak up and contact me to end the world chaos and save yourself.

Best Regard,
The Savior Is You

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