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Date Posted:04-11-2022 02:04 AMCopy HTML

USA, Russia, OPEC Should Create, Issue New “Oil Gas Buying Permission Notes” To The Public

The best solution, best move now to bring world peace is the new “oil gas buying permission notes” that issued, managed by the oil gas producers group (USA, Russia, OPEC).

The new “oil gas buying permission notes” is a new requirement for whoever want to buy oil, gas beside the currency fiat money.

In term of economic, all nations with rich oil, gas will gain hard power instead of soft power.
They can issue as many new notes as they want (if solely case).
While if they come in group, then they need some kind of agreement to decide how much, what quantity based on oil gas reserve of each nation member.

The new “Oil Gas Buying Permission Notes” will have 2 ability:
– Allow to buy oil, gas.
– Choose the currency they want to pay.

The “price” will not based on free market but based on the seller decide in each currency.

Few options on the table:
– Option 1: keep the current free market + add the new selling method (2 selling methods exist at the same time). The volume quantity will based on each seller.

– Option 2: only using 1 selling method where buyers must have both the new oil gas buying permission notes + the current fiat money paper.

How the “oil gas buying permission notes” issued is up to each nation, could be via competition, could be via straight to their citizen, could be to visitor to enough travel industry, etc.

You can come up with the idea, reason such as: try to solve the climate change problem, harmony with nature, etc. But the truth is all about economy matter.

The features, details of new “oil gas buying permission notes” is up to the oil gas controllers not me.
So I don’t waste time, energy to talk more about that.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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