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Date Posted:28-10-2022 02:09 AMCopy HTML

Want To Create More Jobs, More Healthy Economy System, You Must Reform Tax, Wage Regulation

The biggest problem in the world economy in general nowadays is all about the tax, wage regulation.

The minimum wage is not good and should only apply to big companies.

If you want to start a new business, you want the minimum wage rule as low as possible in order to hire the workers.
But if the minimum wage are high, then it is only benefit big capital companies since they will have less “opponent”.

And because of the “corrupt” politicians who receive lobby money from others, that’s why you don’t have fair rule, fair law yet.

If I was the decision maker, leader of the USA or UK or Germany or France, etc. then here what I reform about the minimum wage regulation:
– The minimum wage rate will by vary based on the “power, resources” of each company.
+ Companies are listed on stock market: 20-30 dollar per hour.

+ Companies are not listed on stock market: 5-10 dollar per hour.

+ Companies have total capital, wealth < 1 million dollar: no minimum wage.

+ Companies have total capital, wealth from > 1 million dollar: the minimum wage up to each local authority (each state or each city).

– The tax reform should be similar to the wage.
You just cannot use a same tax table and apply it to all companies, because it is not fair.
Here is a example about tax reform:
+ Companies are listed on the stock market: 50% to 90% tax.

+ Companies are not listed on any stock market: 20 – 30% tax.

+ Companies where 100% owners(real person) is/are also the real workers in that company: 0% tax.
Because the workers already pay the “personal” tax.
Here you can understand is there is no any outsider investor, mostly family run and owned business.

+ Companies where the owner (any percentage) are not real person (other illusion company): extra tax 10-50%.
Extra tax here mean they will need to pay more pay than normal.
If the companies listed on stock market, they will pay 50% to 90 % + 10% to 50% => 60% to 140%.
If the companies not listed on stock market, they will pay 20% to 30 % + 10% to 50% => 30% to 80%.

Both the wage, tax reform above are great for the society because it will encourage people to do more business, truly “defeat” the rich owner, give people more power, the overall economy will be much more healthy and stable, you can only get rich if you super talent, no more stupid lazy “investor” any more.

Above is just an example with random number.
You and your government can adjust and have the “proper” number based on your own situation.

That what you should do to defeat the “evil” of greed !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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